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Review of incidents related to dynamic positioning of ships
Authors: P.G. Kladiev, PA. Kiselev


Information is given to the effect a collection and processing scheme for data related to incidents during ship operation in dynamic positioning mode (DP) is globally realized by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). A condensed bulletin containing processed data is regularly issued by IMCA and widely used by dynamically positioned ship operators and bodies engaged in ship design and ship technical staff training. 

Key words: dynamic positioning, shipowner, incident, review.


1. IMCA. M 211 Dynamic Positioning Station Keeping Incidents Reported for 2009 (DPSI 20). International Marine Contractors Association; 2011
2.. IMO. Guidelines for Vessels with Dynamic Positioning Systems. IMO Maritime Safety Committee Circ. 645, 1994.
3. IMCA M 182 International Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Dynamically Positioned Offshore Supply Vessels Rev. 1 International Marine Contractors Association; 2009

About authors

P.G. Kladiev - director of OOO "Gazflot" branch office, St. Petersburg

P.A. Kiselev - advanced manufacturing engineer of OOO "Gazflot" branch office, St. Petersbur

Issue: 38/39 (2015)

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UDC:  629.5.06
Pages:  36-37

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