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Up-to-date trends in world fleet and marine shipping development
Author: O.A. Chernov 

Results are given of a study based on the Review of Maritime Transport published by the UNCTAD Conference. The modification trends of such world fleet characteristics as total tonnage, ship type structure, cargo volume carried as well as fleet nationality (ship and company registration flags) are reviewed. Trends in maritime safety ensurance are considered with due regard for ship loss data. Forecasts are made in respect of world shipping, marine transportation of main types of cargo and the general economic situation worldwide. 

Key words: world fleet structure, total tonnage dynamics, convenient flags, navigation safety.


1.     UNCTAD. Review of Maritime Transport. Obzory morskogo transporta.
2.     UNCTAD. Trade and Development Report. Doklady o torgovle i razvitii.
3.     IUMI. Otchety o sostojanii mirovogo flota i torgovli.

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Chernov Oleg - FAI "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping", St. Petersburg

Issue: 38/39 (2015)

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UDC:  629.54
Pages:  38-45

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