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Monitoring the technical condition of sea-going ship hulls
Authors: E.V. Baskakova, M.P. Kochegarov


In-service monitoring of sea-going ship hull technical condition is contemplated as a process of periodical survey, parameter registration and assessing the hull-structural condition against predefined criteria. The results of current monitoring system appraisal on the basis of RS requirements are presented. The main trends of automated monitoring system development in world practice are demonstrated. Basic requirements for software are formulated with due regard for the fact the shipowner, company engaged in thickness measurement and classification society are participants to the monitoring process. 

Key words: monitoring, technical condition of sea-going ship hull

About authors

Baskakova Elena - FAI "Russian Maritime Register of Shipping", St. Petersburg

Kochegarov Mikhail - OOO "Pacific Engineering Bureau", Vladivostok

Issue: 38/39 (2015)

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UDC:  629.54
Pages:  56-61

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