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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 31 (2008)

1 Problems of Use of the Northern Sea Route
2 Conceptual Framework for Ice Ship Safety Assessment
3 To Ensure the Effectiveness and Safety of Transport Ship Navigation in the Arctic
4 Research and Development of the Norms for Local Tightness Control of the Airtight Circuit Joints of Containment Shell Elements in Ships and Floating Facilities Equipped with Nuclear Steam Generated Plants
5 Application of Risk Assessment Methods to the Analysis of Ship Equipment Operation at Low Temperatures
6 Development of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Requirements for Ships Intended for Operation under Low Temperatures
7 Arctic Gas Carrier Design
8 Evaluation of Alternating Loads Acting on the Propeller due to Interaction with Ice
9 Damaged Strength Assurance for Large Arctic Gas Carriers under Non-standard Scenarios of Interaction with Ice
10 Regulation of Ice Loads Acting on the Vertical Side of a Ship Nipped in Ice
11 Development of the Procedure for Brittle Fracture Resistance Assessment in Welded Structures to Be Used on the Arctic Shelf
12 Application of Thermomechanical Strengthening Technology to Higher Strength Steel Grades FW and F32W with a Yield Stress of 235-315 MPa and Thickness up to 50 mm by OAO Severstal Cherepovets Steel Rolling Mill
13 Complex Assessment of the Performance Efficiency of New Cold-resistant Steel Grades with a Yield Stress of 235-690 N/mm2 and Intended for Arctic Structures
14 Laser Welding Procedure for the Honeycomb Elements of Ship Structure and Performance Efficiency Assessment
15 Improvement of IASC Requirements for Diesel Engine Testing
16 Peculiarities of Torsional Vibrations in Electrically Driven Azimuth Thrusters
17 Efficiency Assessment of Ship Cooling Systems Equipped with Box Coolers
18 Explosion Prevention Measures Applicable on Oil and Chemical Tankers Carrying Cargoes with Low Flash Points (Installation of Inert Gas Systems in the Cargo Tanks of Tankers with Deadweight Below 20 000 t)
19 Unified Electric Power Plant Installed on Board the Small Hydrographic Ship Vaigach: Design Experience and Test Results
20 Overload Ship Crane Limiters Provided with Magnetoelastic Converters
21 Selection of Main Components and Their Parameters for Electric Propulsion Plants
22 Stages of Ship Security System Implementation
23 Negative Influence of Adverse Weather Conditions on Radar Station Operation Along the Northern Sea Route
24 The IMO’s Maritime Environment Protection Committee Activities