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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 38/39 (2015)

1 IMO Polar Code: preliminary review of first part (safely requirements)
2 Ballast water treatment plant operation on board ships
3 A reliability and operation risk study of domestic river passenger cruisers
4 Review of incidents related to dynamic positioning of ships
5 Up-to-date trends in world fleet and marine shipping development
6 Simulation model of fleet operation as a tool of ship service parameters analysis and marine transportation system design
7 Tow force as an optimal characteristic to determine the number of tugs required in port
8 Monitoring the technical condition of sea-going ship hulls
9 Global ice load on offshore engineering structures. Determination methods
10 Proposals for correcting the RS requirements to large motor-sail ship stability assessment
11 Cold resistance determination in modern higher-strength steels for arctic structures
12 Comparative assessment of marine diesel engine quality
13 A new generation of marine diesel engines and generators built by "ZVEZDA", JSC
14 Development of requirements for double-action ship propulsors
15 Assessment of propulsion performance modifications in the propulsion unit of ship in astern movement in ice
16 Development and certification of tank container comprising a holding vessel of polymer composite materials for multimodal transportation of chemical and petrochemical products
17 Analysis of seismic risks associated with the operation of pipelines laid on the Caspian Sea bottom
18 Main aspects of ship crew training for LNG carriage
19 Maritime safety assurance on board automated sea-going ships