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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 36 (2013)

1 Criteria for Evaluating Stability of Small Ships
2 Optimization of Design Solutions for Improvement of Sea-worthiness Characteristics Based on the Results of the Prototype Ship Operation
3 Basic Results of Developing Requirements for Ships of Restricted Area of Navigation R2-RSN(4,5)
4 Determination of Equivalent Inertia Characteristics, Damping and Stability of Ships with Liquid Cargo in the Long-Length Hull Sections
5 Mathematical Modeling of Floating Facilities Behaviour by Means of the Software Package "Anchored Structures"
6 Problems of Testing for Defects and Hull Repair of Ships of River-Sea Navigation
7 Development of Manufacturing Procedures for Rolled Plates of Thickness up to 50 mm Made of High Strength Steels with Index "Arc"
8 Determination of Crack Resistance of Cold-Resistant High Strength Steel of Thickness up to 150 mm
9 Application of Safety Barriers in Project Development of Offshore Facilities
10 Risk Assessment of Subsea Piping on the Seabed Under Seismic Loads
11 Improved Method of Strength Analysis of Self-Elevating Mobile Offshore Drilling Units Under Wind and Wave Loads
12 Environmental and Economical Problems of Tankers Operation
13 Enhancement of Efficiency of the Ship's Thermal Liquid Systems
14 Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) of Ice Class Ships
15 nalysis of the Current Status and Development Trends of Dual-Fuel Marine Diesel Engines
16 Development of a New Concept of Training Ship for the Specialists Engaged in the Maritime Transport Sector
17 Problems of the Arctic Development in View of the Human Factor
18 Passenger Cruise Ships of River-Sea Navigation Operated in the Russian Inland Waterways