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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 35 (2012)

1 Safe Navigation Objectives
2 Information Support of Navigator when Taking Decision on Safe Marine Transport Control
3 Development of Proposals on Safe Navigation Assessment with Regard to Wind Resistance for Heavy Tonnage Sailing and Motor Vessels by the Example of Training Sailing Vessel "Krusenstern"
4 Basic Issues of Hydrometeorological Support for Design and Operation of Offshore Facilities
5 Application of Simulation Model to Determination of Ship's Hull Kinematic Parameters at Slamming and Wetability
6 Issues Related to Determination of Metal Deformation and Fracture Resistance Parameters of High Parameter Piping. New Testing Methods
7 Horizontal Ice Loads Acting on Freeze-In Facilities
8 Calculation of Draught of Gravity-Based Offshore Oil-and-Gas Production Platforms with Ground Foundation in Ice Conditions
9 Analysis of Seismic Stability for Subsea Pipeline Dynamic Models
10 Analysis of Condition and Development Prospects of Unconventional Means of the Ship's Movement and Steering from the Perspective of Elaboration of the IACS Unified Requirements
11 Comparison of the Normative Document Requirements for Installation of the Ship's Piping Supports and Hangers
12 Basic Trends of Marine HF Radio Communication Improvement
13 Strategic role of Arctic and the Northern Sea Route and Reasonability of Shipboard HF Radio Station Improvement
14 Possible ways of integrity improvement of integrated navigation systems
15 Marine radio electronics and human factor. Medical aspects of safe navigation
16 The Role of International Labour Organization with Regard to Seamen's Labour Relations Regulation