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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 34 (2011)

1 Life Safety Climatic Criteria During Offshore Operations in the Pechora Sea
2 Accident Rate of the Russian Federation Fishing Fleet
3 Experience of Scientific Research Ship AKADEMIK TRESHINKOV Construction to the Register Class
4 Extension of the Register Distinguishing Marks for Ships of Restricted Area of Navigation
5 Developing Proposals for Correcting Static Stability Curve Requirements
6 Hazardous Situations and Design Methods of Determining Critical Height of Centre of Gravity for Ships Carrying Grain Cargo in Bulk
7 New Generation of Reference Books on Seas Wave Conditions
8 Prospects of Improving Requirements for Helidecks Structure and Strength
9 Methodological Basis of Software to Prepare Data for Direct Hull Strength Calculations of Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers According to IACS Common Rules Requirements
10 Simulation Model-Based Determination of Hull Bending Moment Statistic Characteristics under Slamming
11 Comparative Performance Analysis of Home- and Foreign-Manufactured Marine Diesel Engines of up to 3 MW Capacity
12 Specifying Safety Factors for Load-Bearing Components of Shafting, Propeller and Steering Gear Proceeding from Their Damage Rate
13 Peculiarities of FSA Methodology Application During Ship Propulsion Plant Risk Assessment
14 Activities Aimed at Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Ships
15 Automated Analysis of Structural and Hydraulic Parameters for Water Fire Main System
16 Review of Gas Fuel Application for Marine Propulsion Plants
17 Technical Requirements for Environmental Safety of Ships Engaged in Transportation along the Northern Sea Route
18 Development of Requirements for Structure and Strength of Production Risers of Polymeric Composite Materials
19 Concerning Analysis of Dynamic Models of Ice Impact on Offshore Platforms
20 Wavelet-Transform- Based Component Identifi cation of Voltage Signal of Ship Electric Power System
21 Functional Safety under International Standard MEC 61508 in Terms of HIMA Controllers
22 Determination of Marine Three-Phase Asynchronous Engine Parameters
23 ARGOS Global Satellite Low-Orbit Quasi-Doppler Radio-Navigational System