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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 42/43 (2016)

1 Harmful substances concentrations monitoring in ship power plant exhaust gases
2 Semisubmersible mobile offshore drilling units (MODU) damage rate and the ways to reduce it
3 Oil filtering equipment in compliance with international requirements on oil pollution prevention
4 Feasibility study of Arctic containership optimal parameters for transit navigation along the Northern Sea Route
5 Research vessels in the modern maritime industry. Review
6 Development of computational and experimental approaches to refinement of local ice load
7 Proposal for rule requirements development for ships operating in contact with ground
8 Numerical verification of design methodology based on the classification societies requirements in application to web frames of naval ships
9 Stability control instruments. Up-to-date requirements
10 Software development to determine maximum holding force and heel angle of escort tugs with regard to RS rules
11 The determination of nonlinear second-order forces due to frequency difference and occuring during the transverse motions of the contours in calm water
12 Forecast of rolling and pitching parameters of emergency offshore facility during damage control in storm conditions
13 Deformed aluminum-magnesium alloys and welds for cargo containment system structures of gas carriers
14 Development and implementation of package program on the application of high performance non-metallic insulation and finishing mate rials at JSCO "PO "Sevmash" orders under construction
15 Development of next generation marine bearings
16 Evaluation of vapour pressure increase in storage of LNG cryogenic ship tank
17 Some aspects of mechanical tests computer simulation of rotating electrical machines
18 Mathematical basis for effective ships electrical insulation drying subject to energy saving solutions
19 Monitoring of technical condition of the ship's power equipment
20 Feasibility of the information support system implementation for damage control of ships and vessels
21 Application features of liquid cargo and emergency waters alarm system for ships and vessels