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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 44/45 (2016)

1 Creation of a prototype shipboard ballast water management system
2 Testing of the BTW-UV control systems scale models with low and middle pressure mercury lamps
3 Numerical estimation of the necessary power input for prevention of additional ice formation on the Arctic water transport constructions
4 Selection of the optimal number of self-propelled bunkering vessels to deliver LNG fuel to ships in port
5 Float-over assembly of drilling rigs at sea with substructure constructions deformation
6 Determination of ice loads acting on the sloping sides of the bow and stern of modern icebreakers and ice-going ships
7 Numerical simulation of sloshing during roll motion under regular wave excitation in the membrane tank of a LNG carrier
8 Safety assessment of a ship swaying under the action of irregular wind and waves
9 The investigation of the influence of the distance between the ships and the fairway depth on the hydrodynamics characteristics of their joint motions in shallow water
10 Low fire hazard textile materials for shipbuilding
11 Non-asbestos materials for sealing gaskets in ship pipelines connections
12 Necessity of setting the minimum power level requirements for ice-going ships
13 Regular supply of high power marine electric consumers
14 Evolution study of five generations of transceiver satellite stations of the international maritime communication system INMARSAT
15 Comparative analysis of reliability methods for determination of the maximum length of free spans of subsea pipelines
16 Turret mooring systems of ship-shaped floating oil and gas production units for freezing offshore sea areas
17 Specific hazards analysis of the LNG regasification plants on gas carriers
18 Lofting pre-production of 4th generation NPS using 3D models
19 Periodicity of the function control of a ship specialist's readiness to make decisions