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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 46/47 (2017)

1 Energy efficiency and environmental safety research and ranking of ozone and greenhouse effect safe refrigerants
2 Development of the innovative express diagnostics system for fishing vessels' refrigeration and technological complex
3 Analysis of using LNG as fuel on sea-going ships and development of the register's requirements for ships ready for transition to gas fuel
4 Quantitative risk assessment of accidents with ships
5 Strength calculations and development of recommendations for the safe operation of a ship with wide hatch openings
6 Technical justification of the possibility of application of welded stem and stern instead of cast ones on the icebreakers and the ships with ice classes Arc5 — Arc9
7 Dynamic strength estimation of a line thrower's pneumatic valve
8 Metallurgy problems in contemporary and future shipbuilding
9 Development of new rules for hull structure and strength of fiber reinforced plastic ships
10 Development of proposals for seaworthiness assessment of the damaged ship on a wave
11 Regarding the barred speed ranges concretization as a result of the ship shafting torsional vibration calculation
12 Modern view on axial vibration of ship propulsion unit shafting
13 Experimental research on transverse and torsional vibrations of type OT-2400 ship shaft
14 Studies of the rudder propellers' interaction with the hull and with each other in the dynamic positioning mode
15 Effectiveness of microturbines nozzles with outlet angles of less than 9 degrees
16 Field test data and results of calculations by computer simulated modeling for rotating electrical machines: a convergence estimation
17 Trajectory measurements smoothing for a ship's rectilinear motion in regard to the navigation remote control concept
18 Automatic input data preparation for global and local ship strength calculation in accordance with IACS Common Structural Rules as a software development task
19 The significance of systemic analysis in solving problems for prevention of human element related shipping accidents
20 Import substitution of ship electrical equipment in the USSR and the Russian Federation