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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 48/49 (2017)

1 FPSO safety during operation in the Arctic zone considering endurance criterion
2 Assessment of marine operations risk
3 Analysis of economic activity in water areas using the data of sea transport tracking systems and satellite images
4 The analysis of operational response indicators of the RF EMERCOM fire departments on the fires occurring on the objects of marine and river transport using graph theory method
5 Strength calculations and repair justification for a ship of restricted navigation area to ensure its safe operation
6 Application of particle swarm optimization algorithm for parametric design of oil tanker web frames according to IACS Common Structural Rules
7 Study of the effect of a speed boat hull design on water resistance by numerical methods
8 About the determination of loading on a ship from the irregular wind during norming of ships stability
9 Application of composite materials in the repair of structures of sea-going ships
10 Application of additive technologies in solving shipbuilding design problems
11 Determination of stress-strain state pairing "piston ring – piston groove" piston crowns of marine low speed diesels
12 Evaluation of influence of main ship systems on a ship energy efficiency indices
13 Calculation features for short circuit currents in shipboard electric power systems with electrical power distribution on direct current
14 Methods for determining the fire resistance of cable penetrations in transit cable lines and electrical wiring in ship compartments
15 Trajectory measurements smoothing for a ship curvilinear motion in regard to the navigation remote control concept
16 Evaluation of the heating time for frozen products in blocks during storage in a sealed container of machine-free cold supply using dry ice