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Research Bulletin by RS

Issue 33 (2010)

1 The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Participation in the Oil-and-Gas Field Development on the Caspian Sea Shelf: the Present and the Future
2 Solving the Problem of Minimizing the Human Factor Negative Impact upon the Accident Rate when Navigating in Ice Conditions of the Arctic by Introducing Mandatory Psychophysiological Selection and Monitoring for Seafarers Working under Extreme Conditions
3 Typical Failure Models for Sea-Going Ships' Critical Components
4 Improving the Activities of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping in Newbuilding
5 Floating Nuclear Thermal Power Station of 20870 Project Equipped with Reactor Plants КLТ-40С
6 Survey of LNG Carriers to the RS Class
7 Analyzing the Possibility and Expediency of Applying the Risk Theory to Elaborate the Ship Safety Assessment Procedure during Ballast Water Exchange at Sea
8 Direct Method to Calculate Non-Linear Hull Bending Moments under Slamming
9 Developing the Manufacture Procedure for Shipbuilding Steels with a Yield Strength of 235-390 МPa and Thicknesses up to 50 mm under GOST R 52927-2008 by ОАО "Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Concern".
10 Analyzing the Prospects of Using Various Alternative Fuels for Sea-Going Ships
11 Draft Requirements of the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-Going Ships of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for the Ice Transport Ships' Propulsion Power
12 Optimization Procedures to be Used during the Ship's Shafting Alignment
13 Amendments to the Requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for Thin-Walled Cylinders of High Strength Steel
14 Review of Status and Perspectives for the Development of Active Means of the Ship's Steering in View of Amending the Requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
15 Requirements of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for the Design, Construction and Operation of Subsea Pipelines
16 Electric Motors of the ICE Electric Actuators
17 Loading Devices' Modernization Using Static Power Governors
18 The Possibility to Apply Neural Nets for the Ship's Dead Reckoning Modeling
19 Prospective Development of the Ship's Life-Saving Navigational and Communication Facilities
20 Modernization of Meteorological Data Transmission System in VTMS "Vysotsk"
21 "NEVA-LP" Radar Test Results on Board Nuclear Icebreaker VAIGACH