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Certification of management systems

(ISO 9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 50001, etc.)

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) renders integrated certification service for management systems, production and services. This fact has promoted RS to a leading position in certification services.

Nowadays RS is:
  • a certification body for management systems (MS) within the registered Voluntary Certification System, thus performing MS audits of organisations and issuing certificates of conformity;

  • The system operates in accordance with the Federal Law "On Technical Regulation" of 27.12.2002 № 184-FZ.

  • has also been accredited within the Unified National System of Accreditation as a certification body for quality management systems within the GOST R Certification Sys-tem;
  • a certification body for quality management systems of firms (organisations), including the defence industry, within the “Military Register” Voluntary Certification System

  • The RS accreditation within the “Military Register” Voluntary Certification System allows RS to provide services on certification of quality management systems of firms involved in the state defence contracts as well as of organisations carrying out research, development, manufacture, supply, maintenance, repair and disposition of military equipment and defence products for compliance with ISO 9000 series and national military standards’ requirements.

    According to the Russian Federation Government Decree of 17.08.2010 No. 629 the defence industry firms and organisations involved in the state defence contracts should confirm their quality management system compliance with ISO 9000 series, GOST R ISO 9001 and GOST RV 15.002 standards requirements. Certification is the applicable form for the compliance confirmation.

  • a certification body authorised to conduct the audits by the European Inspection and Certification Company S.A. (EUROCERT S.A.) which has an internationally-recognised IAF accreditation. The results of the RS auditors’ work are considered along with the results of EUROCERT S.A. staff auditors’ work and upon the RS audits the administration of Certification Company comes to a decision to issue internationally recognised certificates of compliance.

  • IAF is the International Accreditation Forum joining accreditation bodies from more than 50 countries worldwide. IAF MLA is a multi-lateral agreement, signed by the IAF members, on mutual recognition of the work output. This agreement guarantees recognition of the certificates issued by the certification body accredited by any IAF member.

  • an inspection and certification body with over 50 offices worldwide rendering services in more than 140 countries.

Stages of certification:
  • application for certification;
  • preliminary assessment;
  • certification;
  • issue of Certificate;
  • surveillance audits;
  • renewal certification.

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Application for management system certification  EN
Certificate of Management System Conformity EN

Certificate of State Registration RU
Department for Management Systems and Products Certification

Head:  Anton Vinogradov
Phone:  +78123801989
Fax:  +78123801990

Registered number: ROCC RU. B439.04ФГ00

Registration date: 31.08.2007

Certification Body: Head Office of FGU ‘Russian Maritime Register of Shipping’

Address: 28-A, ul. Moiseenko, St. Petersburg, 193124, Russia

Tel.: +7 812 3801989

Fax: +7 812 3801990

Mob.: +7 921 9312697

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