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Expertise within ROSTEKHNADZOR industrial safety expertise system

The RS has been carrying out industrial safety expertise within GOSGORTEKHNADZOR system since 1997 on the basis of a license from ROSTEKHNADZOR. The RS carries out industrial safety expertise acting as a party independent both from the manufacture and the customer.

The RS carries out industrial safety expertise of:
  • design documentation on construction, expansion, reconstruction, modernization, deactivation and abandonment of hazardous production facilities;
  • technical devices used at hazardous production facilities
Industrial safety expertise is carried out in the following areas:
  • transportation of dangerous goods;
  • chemical, petrochemical and oil-refining industry;
  • gas consumption equipment;
  • gas supply systems;
  • oil and gas industry.

The expertise results in the issuance of an Expert Conclusion on conformity of the products submitted to expertise with the requirements of normative documents of ROSTEKHNADZOR.

Expertise of industrial safety within Industrial Safety Expertise System.

Expertise is carried out on the basis of an application (in free form).

Expert conclusion is issued based on the requirements of:
  • Federal Law "Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities" 116-FZ;
  • Regulations of industrial safety expertise practice;
  • Normative documents of ROSTEKHNADZOR.
List of documents needed for expertise:
  • customer's application;
  • permits from national certification systems;
  • permits from other countries certification systems;
  • technical documentation on the equipment submitted to certification.

Forms for documents to be submitted are defined by ROSTEKHNADZOR normative and methodological procedures.

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Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities Expertise and Verification Department

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